How to Write a Resignation Letter


How to Write a Resignation Letter

So, you have decided to leap for that new job! It is always better to formalise your exit from your current organisation by way of submitting a resignation letter to your employers.

What is a resignation letter?

A resignation letter is a formal letter that informs your employer about your exit from your current job. It can be a printed letter or an email.

Things to include in a resignation letter

Graciousness and professionalism are essential when submitting your resignation. Here are a few tips as to what to include in a resignation letter:

Intention for resignation

The first part of the letter should contain the information that you are resigning. Give sufficient notification to your employer about your resignation and submit a formal letter of resignation. In addition, before submitting your resignation, be prepared to move ahead.

Last day of employment

Apart from including your intent for quitting your job, the resignation letter should also include details about your last day of work and other details. All these details simplify the transition for the employee and the employer.

Assistance in transition

Usually, an offer to assist in the transition process is also a part of the resignation letter. It can be in recruiting or training a replacement employee. Thus, both the employer and the employee can close the position with respect and sociability.

Your contact details

Do not forget to include your contact details so that the employers can get in touch with you if there is any need.

How to make a positive and smooth exit

For making a positive and smooth exit, make it a point to thank the employer for the employment opportunity provided and the skills that you developed in the process.

Things to avoid in a resignation letter

Avoid including complaints or criticisms of the employer or colleagues in the resignation letter. It is best to keep a resignation letter simple and straight forward by adhering to the facts.

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