Interview Questions for a Coding Job


Interview Questions for a Coding Job

Each day, many computer science graduates and programmers apply for coding, programming, and software development jobs at many startups and big organisations. However, many of them have no idea as to what interview questions can they expect when applying for a coding role. Here are a few questions that can be expected in a coding interview:

Question: What do you mean by computer programming

Answer: Computer programming is also known as coding or programming. It is the method of coding an algorithm into a notation, usually a computer programme. The process is accomplished with the use of a programming language for execution by a computer.

Question: List and describe the different types of errors that can occur when executing a computer programme?

Answer: When executing a computer programme, three types of errors can occur as follows:

Logical errors – Such errors occur when a computer programme implements an incorrect logic. No reports are generated for this type of errors and hence, logical errors are very complicated to address.

Runtime errors – Runtime errors are encountered when the programme comprises an illegal operation. For instance, dividing a number by 0. Such errors are the only ones that are shown instantaneously during the execution of a programme. When a runtime error occurs, the programme execution halts and a diagnostic message is shown.

Syntax errors – Syntax errors take place when one or more grammatical errors of the programming language are disregarded. The errors can be spotted during compilation.

Question: What is an algorithm? List some of its vital characteristics?

Answer: An algorithm is a set of definite actions that need to be accomplished for executing a specific task. The vital characteristics of an algorithm are clearness, efficacy, and finiteness.

Question: What do you mean by maintaining and updating a computer programme?

Answer: Once a computer programme is successfully installed, its maintenance and updating processes begin. Programme maintenance refers to the ongoing process of checking the computer programme for errors and bugs. In contrast, updating a programme involves improving the programme by undertaking major and minor changes periodically.

Question: What are variables? Explain briefly.

Answer: Variables are useful in storing programme input and computational outputs whilst programme execution. During programme execution, the value stored in a variable can alter.

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