Interview Questions for Sales


Interview Questions for Sales

An interview for a sales job can be very challenging because interviewers will be looking for outstanding persuasive skills in the ideal candidate. Apart from simply answering to the questions put forward by the interviewers, you will also have to convince them that you are an effective salesperson too. Here are a few typical questions that you can expect in an interview for a sales job:

Question: Let me know a few things about yourself.

Answer: When answering this question, explain to the interviewer why you have taken certain jobs and why you left them. Discuss why you chose to go to a school and why you chose a particular subject as your specialisation. Do not forget to mention about any breaks that you have taken in your career and what you gained out of it.

When answering this question, make sure to get associated with the points in your resume so that the interviewer not only understands what are your career accomplishments and how did you achieve them. In addition, do not forget to speak about your success in your sales undertakings and what you did to achieve your sales targets.

Question: Can you let me know more about your experience in sales?

Answer: The question helps interviewers to distinguish candidates who talk the talk from those who walk the walk. When answering this question, be optimistic and practical. Mention what you did to accomplish a sales target such as turning a negative outcome into a positive one. If you do not have sales experience, be honest about it. Discuss why you are enthusiastic to begin working in the sales field and what have knowledge you already have about the sphere.

Question: Why did you opt for a career in sales?

Answer: When answering this question, you can stress on the point that you are in the sales profession because you have a reason for it and it is not that you just want to mint money. You can stress on the fact that sales is a field where one needs to put in hard work and strategic thinking via tremendous amounts of preparation and uninterrupted actions, which will ultimately pay off.

Question: Describe the best memory of your sales accomplishment?

Answer: Potential interviewers expect candidates for a sales opening to be strong achievers. The question helps to exclude candidates who do not have the zeal to succeed in the sales profession. One of the best ways to answer this question is to narrate your sales accomplishment in the form of a story. Make certain that your story tells that the deal was almost impossible, but a specific action that you took led into a successful deal.

Question: Let us know about a mistake that you made. What did you learn from it?

When answering this question, make sure to mention that you learn from your mistakes and do not hide them. Be specific when talking about a mistake that you made and mention the corrective actions that you took up for rectifying the mistake and what lesson the mistake taught you.

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