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This is course introduces the basics of Islamic banking. Islamic banking has become an important segment of banking industry after establishment of the first Islamic commercial bank, Dubai Islamic bank in 1975.Islamic banking differs from the traditional banking in principles though there are similarities in operations. There are more than 300 Islamic banks are operating in 50+ countries. Conventional banks has opened windows for Islamic banking in UK, middle east and south Asia. Therefore it is important to know how Islamic banks are different from conventional banks and how do they operate.

Sharia business is opportunities in Indonesia are wide open. This is reinforced by the largest Muslim population in the world. This country is a very large market for sharia business . On the other hand, the enormous potential of the Islamic economy has not even been optimally utilized by business people in Indonesia. In Indonesia, sharia businesses that have been and are starting to develop include, among others , the existence of sharia financial institutions such as sharia banks , sharia insurance, sharia mutual funds , Baitul Mal wat Tamwil and so on, followed by the emergence of sharia service businesses such as sharia hotels , sharia beaches , Gojek sharia, sharia culinary, sharia tourism and the products of various companies that guarantee their halalness or sharia such as cosmetics , food, medicines to fashion.

Learning Objectives

Understand the various norms and prohibitions that govern activities and contracts in the Islamic financial system
Understand the basics of Islamic banking
Be able differentiate Islamic banking and conventional banking
Identify products of Islamic banks


  • Anyone

Target Audience

  • Who are interested in the key features and foundational concepts of the Islamic financial system and institutions, or what distinguishes the Islamic financial system and its institutions from the conventional financial system.


1 Lesson40h

Banking In Islam


Norms and Ethics in Sharia Finance

Laws and Regulations of Contract and Business Transactions

Financing Products

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

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