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Automation Engineering with IoT training is a course that teaches about automation courses, including signals, sensors, controls, and Mechatronics, used in industries that use automated machines. It can be seen that the definition of IoT (Internet of Things) is a description of physical networks or “things” that are installed using sensors, software, and other technologies with the aim of being able to connect and exchange data between divisions and other systems that use the Internet. Graduates of the Automat ion Engineer ing wi th IoT s tudy program have br ight job prospects . As we all know, the major i ty of today’ s indus t r ies rely heavily on automated machines to run thei r operat ions ; additionally, if you have knowledge of the Internet of Things (IoT),

Mastering the basic principles of automation engineering requires Mastering the program in automation engineering requires Familiar with the applications of automated machinery in the industry. Understanding Application Automation in Pneumatic and Hydraulic Machinery L Understanding Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)

Learning Objectives

Master the basic principles of automation engineering
Capable of utilizing a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Recognize the Applications of Automated Machinery Industry Mastering Application Automation in Pneumatic and Hydraulic Machinery


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Target Audience

  • Professionals who want to understand how automation engineering works with IoT Students with a background in automation engineering and IT Professionals who have been in the world of automation and so on


2 Lessons36h 40m

Identification of Automic Circuits

Design Program in Automation

Photography exposure is basically how bright or dark your image is. We call a photo that is too dark, underexposed. A photo that is too bright is overexposed.

Installation Connections in Automation

Automatic Machine Operation

Automation Engineering Software

Industrial Application in Automated Machinery

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

Pneumatic & Hydraulic Machine

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